Innovative thinking for middle office services

Some investment managers may view middle-office operations as a cost center, or worse yet as a necessary evil. We disagree. By outsourcing your middle-office operations to us, you can take advantage of a comprehensive operating platform that can be customized to fit your business strategy and investment products, enhance your clients’ experience and significantly improve your operational infrastructure. 

Our innovative thinking and creative middle office services provide managers with more than just the required data needed to run their investment products successfully. 

By leveraging our operating platform, technologies and experienced staff, you can sharpen your business strategies and free up time to focus on the evolving needs of your clients.

We work with pooled vehicles, alternative vehicles, separate accounts, sovereign wealth and more.

Our middle-office solutions include: 

Order management/trade support: Hosted OMS tool - Trade capture - Confirmation receipt, matching and archiving - Trade communication - Settlement oversight - Fail management

Investment accounting: Investment book of record (IBOR) - Daily pricing - Income/corporate action/pay-down processing - Security master maintenance - Account transitions/maintenance - Broker maintenance - Daily reconciliation - Position reconciliation -Transaction reconciliation

Performance and risk: Performance measurement - Composite management - Performance attribution - Risk measurement - Portfolio analytics

Reporting and billing: Internal and management reporting - Client reporting - Client billing - Online report and invoice delivery - Collateral management 

Our Solution For Improving Operational Performance

Turn Infrastructure Into Competitive Advantage

Our alternative investment operating platform is designed to support all major asset classes and investment vehicles across diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions.

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Our Solution For Improving Operational Performance