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Prospectuses for SEI Funds

SEI Global Assets Fund (SGAF)
SGAF Luxembourg Country Supplement
SGAF Swiss Prospectus
SGAF Information for Swiss Investors

SEI Global Investments Fund (SGIF)

SEI Global Master Fund (SGMF)
SGMF German addendum
SGMF Luxembourg Country Supplement
SGMF Swiss Prospectus
SGMF Information for Swiss Investors

Memoranda and Articles of Association

SEI Global Assets Fund (SGAF)
SEI Global Investments Fund (SGIF)
SEI Global Master Fund (SGMF)

Semi-Annual Reports (December 2018)

SEI Global Assets Fund (SGAF)
SGAF for Switzerland (DE)
SEI Global Investments Fund (SGIF)
SEI Global Master Fund (SGMF)
SGMF for Switzerland (DE) (part 1 of 2)
SGMF for Switzerland (DE) (part 2 of 2)

Annual Reports (June 2019) 

SEI Global Assets Fund(SGAF)
SEI Global Assets Fund(SGAF) for Switzerland (CH)
SEI Global Investments Fund (SGIF)
SEI Global Master Fund (SGMF)
SEI Global Master Fund (SGMF) Country registrations for distribution purposes

Investor Reporting Documents

United Kingdom Reporting Fund Status

SEI Global Master Fund German Tax Reporting Documents (AKG2)

European Union Savings Directive

Swiss Tax

SEI Investments Global, Ltd Remuneration Policy

SEI's Remuneration Policy 

Engagement Policy

SEI are in the process of implementing an Engagement Policy to comply with Shareholder Rights Directive II and will publish it on our website shortly.

Privacy Policy

SEI's Privacy Policy

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

Please note, the Supplementary Information Document (SID) provides additional useful information you should be aware of before investing with us.

Historical Ongoing Charges - The Historical KIIDs OCF (ongoing charges figure) shown in previous versions of the KIIDs.