A full array of fund services 

Keeping up operationally is a big part of the challenge facing investment organizations, but they are finding that their operations can also hold far-reaching solutions and offer tangible benefits.

Outsourcing fund accounting, fund administration, and other back office services is no longer just about cost-management or a “nice to have.” With the right technologies, expertise, and thoughtful systems design, forward-looking managers can turn their back office into a competitive advantage.  

Our outsourced fund accounting and administration services will help you:

  • Grow without slowing down – Employ the latest technologies without having to build, buy or maintain them 
  • Run your business better – Transform data into meaningful insight for improved decision making
  • Protect your firm – Automate your process flows based on industry best practices 
  • Give your investors what they want – Provide information faster, in more detail, and more consistently
  • Get your funds to market faster –  Rely on our technology and the expertise of our network of internal and external experts

Our Back Office Services

Services: For:
Fund administration
Fund accounting
Investor reporting
Investor services
Trustee and custodial services
Depositary services
Pooled vehicles
Alternative vehicles
Separate accounts
Sovereign wealth
Emerging managers
Anything in between

Our Solution for Investment Managers

Turn infrastructure into competitive advantage

Our comprehensive investment operating platform is designed to support all major asset classes and investment vehicles across diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions

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