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SEI Wealth Platform: Empowering Wealth Management

There has never been a greater need for advice.

This increasingly relevant statement presents a significant growth opportunity for wealth management firms across the sector yet, with a backdrop of increased regulation and a more digitally demanding consumer, it has also never been more costly or risky to provide that advice.

Wealth management firms are at an inflection point. They are under unprecedented pressure and scrutiny about how they add value to their end clients and how they attract and retain the most valuable end clients.

133 Stock exchanges in 42 countries and 43 currencies supported (for trading and transactions)

As of 30 June 2020’

Our solution, the SEI Wealth PlatformSM, is based on decades of lessons learned, with an eye on the future of the industry. It's true end-to-end operational outsourcing -- allowing you to focus on your high-value competitive advantages, building value in your business.

SEI Wealth Platform screenshotWhen you partner with us, it enables you to:

  • Maximise your opportunities, by giving you more time to focus on your business and your clients
  • Minimise cost, by increasing your operational efficiency
  • Mitigate risk, by increasing automation and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations

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We’re with you every step of the way.

We strive to help you achieve much more than a technology conversion. Together, we're transforming your business — a process much more ambitious, complex and far-reaching.

Our proven methodology, coupled with the Platform’s flexibility, provides a truly different approach. Our team members are our secret weapon — dedicated client partners with deep industry experience and an innovative spirit that helps us solve your greatest challenges.

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The SEI Wealth Platform's Portfolio Manager Experience (PME) delivers infrastructure that supports investment managers throughout the client lifecycle, automating administrative tasks that have previously been undertaken by client facing teams.

PME provides you with:

  • Increased efficiencies and scalability
  • Improved access to data
  • The ability to meet the changing demands of clients and employees

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