In 2016, we issued a paper on what we saw as five major innovations that were causing disruptions both within and outside of their respective industries. We are revisiting those themes one by one to provide you with an up-to-date picture of the innovations occurring in our industry today.

In our next update of “The Upside of Disruption: Why the Future of Asset Management Depends on Innovation,” we focus on Amazonisation 2.0.  Online platforms, like Amazon, are reshaping business dynamics, putting customers in charge and forever altering the customer experience. 

Going forward, platforms will play a critical role in the asset management industry.  By lowering the barriers to entry and offering easy access to talented investment professionals alongside innovative tools, liquidity and transparency, emerging Amazons of financial services will ultimately improve the investing experience for both individuals and institutions. 

To learn more, download the PDF or read the four sections of Amazonisation 2.0 online:

  1. The Rise of Amazon and Recent Developments
  2. Impact on Financial Services
  3. Examples in the Asset Management Industry
  4. What's Next and Final Thoughts

Not having an actionable plan for emerging platforms is laying a course toward inevitable failure. More importantly, it could mean missing the opportunity of a lifetime.