Mutual Fund Managers

Services to help you improve business performance by elevating your operating capabilities and delivering valuable insight to you and your clients

More time to focus on what you do best

The industry is evolving rapidly, and more than ever, mutual fund managers are dealing with more sophisticated and demanding clients, and more complex risk management protocols.

Partnering with us gives you an infrastructure that allows you to better manage and enhance your business. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, experienced personnel and integrated workflow capabilities, our fund accounting, administration and shareholder services can help you focus on your core strengths: managing money and servicing your clients.  

Our end-to-end solution is customized to fit your products, your existing systems, and allows you to create a more satisfying experience for your investors.

    Knowledge Center Investment Management Operating Model 2.0 Asset management firms are shifting their technology and operations strategies

    As your business grows, we'll scale with you regardless of how your strategy may change. You'll get a customized solution that fits a variety of complex traditional vehicles — enabled by our industry expertise and comprehensive array of capabilities.

    Your business will benefit from:

    • Fund administration
    • Accounting
    • Shareholder services
    • Distribution services
    • Compliance support
    • End client reporting

    Our Solution for Investment Managers

    Turn infrastructure into competitive advantage

    Our comprehensive investment operating platform is designed to support all major asset classes and investment vehicles across diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions

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