Position yourself for future growth in exchange traded funds

Our team of innovative and experienced staff, along with our end-to-end solution, combine to provide you with a customized experience tailored to your products and your existing systems.

This allows you to create a more satisfying experience for your investors and investigate new sectors and markets for future ETF development.

As a pioneer in the ETF industry, we bring a deep understanding to the growing complexities of distribution, compliance and product strategy. Our fully automated, web-based processing system can help increase your overall efficiency and transparency by connecting the authorized participants (APs), sponsor, distributor, custodians and transfer agents in one straight-through electronic process.

Your business will benefit from the following:

  • Fund administration
  • Fund accounting including production of Portfolio Composition Files
  • Authorized participant processing
  • Trade order processing
  • Custody and index receipt agent
  • Distribution services
  • Compliance support

Learn more about our straight-through process for ETF managers (PDF)

Our Solution for Investment Managers

Turn infrastructure into competitive advantage

Our comprehensive investment operating platform is designed to support all major asset classes and investment vehicles across diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions

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