As one of the top OCIOs for nonprofit organizations for over a quarter of a century, we have the breadth and experience to truly understand community foundations. We work with 25 community foundations* across the country today – more than half of which have been with us for 10+ years. This represents approximately $2.7 billion in assets* for the benefit of local communities.

1992 Our first nonprofit client hires us And are still with us today.

The benefits for you

We understand that as a community foundation, your mission matters most. From building a customized portfolio to supporting fundraising efforts and donor education, we strive to be more than just an investment provider. 

Here’s how we help our community foundation clients: 

Case Study Midland Center for the Arts Gains Access to Capital in a Time of Crisis A story of how sticking to long-term goals pays off

1. Your challenge: Achieving your targeted rate of return in an ever-changing investment environment

Our solution: We help our clients pursue their required rate of return. We do this across various market cycles by sourcing global and opportunistic asset classes, cost-effective access to highly capable investment managers, building multi-manager portfolios and active risk management. 

2. Your challenge: Connecting with donors to support growth

Our solution: We want to help you connect with your donors and compete for donor capital. That’s why our solution offers much more than just investment management. We provide additional services, including: developing custom donor investment pools, creating custom donor marketing materials, fundraising assistance and education, planned giving program administration, and local community support through direct giving.

Case Study Greater Washington Community Foundation Automates Data Aggregation Committed to helping build thriving communities, this foundation needed a time-saving solution

3. Your challenge: Building the most prudent governance structure to ensure proper due diligence on behalf of the foundation and its donors. 

Our solution: As a contractual fiduciary, we integrate our client teams closely with both staff and committees to ensure collaboration towards meeting goals. This provides a well-documented platform to share ideas, provide due diligence reviews, ensure compliance with the IPS and make informed decisions. Additionally, robust, custom reporting allows our clients to track progress and evaluate us as a strategic partner.

A Decision to Hire Us

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A commitment to OCIO solutions

"Very few providers can match our overall client base and tenure as an OCIO."

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We have a well established OCIO program of 25+ years. We continue to refine our approach to deliver additional features that our clients truly value. That's why more than 220 of our clients have been with us for 10+ years*.

Paul Klauder explains why: 

“The ongoing growth of our Institutional business is a testament to the infrastructure, resources and expertise we’ve built as an established leader in providing OCIO services. Very few providers can match our overall client base and tenure as an OCIO. We’re proud of our position as one of the largest companies in this space.”

Legal Note

*As of 09/30/2021

Top OCIO Provider at the Fund Intelligence 2017 and Fund Map 2018 Institutional Asset Management Awards as of November 2018. *Pensions & Investments, July, 2019. SEI ranked as a largest outsourcer based on worldwide institutional outsourced assets under management.

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.