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Key resources to help make your committee more effective

Investment committees often look for ways to alleviate some of the pressures of managing the investment pools, especially in times like today. These tools can simplify all you have on your plate. 

Committee Management: An established governance process that includes committe structure can be the foundation for good decision-making. When committees run smoothly, it's easier to achieve long-term goals and stay focused on the mission.  Useful tools include:

  • Committee Member Survey: Gauges importance of various committee topics and ensures all members are aware of priorities
  • Committee Member Profile: Assists you in creating a profile for the new member so that relevant information can be shared with the rest of the committee
  • Fiduciary Best Practices: Webinar replay that details what you need to know about your fiduciary responsibilities 
  • Onboarding Portal: Tools to effectively select and onboard new committee members

Donor Support and Fundraising: 

  • Fundraising Q&A: We sit down with Fundraising expert, Michael Rosen, to talk about how charitable giving has change amid COVID-19
  • Fundraising Webinar:  Learning session focused on achieving breakthrough fundraising performance by viewing challenges differently
  • Conference Recap: Overview of an event where nonprofits and partner firms provide services to help with fundraising
  • Donor Marketing: Reputable industry leader provides marketing and research for donor marketing

Due Diligence: It's important to periodically check in on your goals and make sure your processes and strategy still align. Review processes can be cumbersome. Check out these tools to help you:

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