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Governments and Municipalities

We can help you manage your pension plan, integrating historically (and painfully) disconnected processes into a single solution.

27 Government pension clients as of 9/30/18

Our goal is the same as yours: achieving your plan goals. As one of the largest OCIO providers and an innovator in pension plan management, we understand the funding and investment challenges you face. Our discretionary investment program and pension professionals can help you achieve plan goals, while saving time and bringing potential cost savings.

You get:

  • Access to leading institutional investment managers at potentially favorable fees, due to our scale
  • Rigorous manager monitoring and portfolio risk management through our multi-manager investment program
  • A team of public pension professionals to report on your plan progress against goals
$4.3B+ Government assets under management as of 9/30/18

You'll benefit from:

  • Proactive advice and modeling that supports your pension funding and investment decisions
  • The potential to nimbly capture market opportunities that could impact your plan, made possible by active discretionary management

Improve your strategic focus

We act as an extension of your staff, providing expert advice, timely manager changes, risk monitoring and goals-focused reporting.

How we're different

Jumpstart Your RFP Process

Our build your own RFP tool can help guide your process -- because you can't find the right investment provider if you don't know what questions to ask.

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Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.