White Label Strategies

Streamline your investment menu and simplify decision making, while maintaining diversification.

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You might think that offering a multitude of funds is an opportunity for plan participants to build their own well-diversified portfolio.  But too many choices can overwhelm them – so much so that it may cause a decline in participation rates.

    Our lineup offers your participants additional diversification, designed for their demographics and behavior.

    Our white label strategies can streamline your defined contribution investment menu, while still offering broad diversification and quality managers. Our multi-manager, white-label approach provides simpler options with optimized allocations of sub-asset classes. This lineup offers your participants additional diversification, designed for their demographics and behavior.

    Benefits include:

    • Simpler, diversified, asset-class-level options with clear, objective-focused strategy names
    • Increased access to actively managed, established institutional asset managers
    • Cost-effective, easy-to-implement structures with seamless manager replacement and no blackout periods for participants

    How it works

    A white label strategy usually represents a single plan option, yet it is actually composed of multiple underlying managers in a fund-of-funds structure.  Plan sponsors can employ a wide range of investment vehicles, from mutual funds and collective investment trusts to separate accounts for this structure.

    SEI White Label for DC

    Because we combine institutional managers, you’re able to offer more sophisticated options to your DC participants than those available “off the shelf.” And our team of 100+ investment experts has the ability to make quick decisions and manage the portfolio against current market conditions.

    Let us show you how a white label strategy would look for your organization.

    Make Your Plan More Effective

    Meet fiduciary obligations and increase plan sophistication and oversight.

    Discretionary investment/OCIO simplifies plan management so you can focus on helping participants retire.

    The benefits of OCIO

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