25+ Years of experience managing defined contribution plans like yours

Your employer chose us to invest assets in your retirement plan because of our experience, institutional approach, and strong reputation.

  • History of innovation – We're well known as an organization that consistently introduces new ideas, including being among the first to offer manager-of-managers
  • Global reach – With locations in eight countries around the world, we place our experts within the markets they serve
  • Institutional focus – We market and distribute our investment management solutions to some of the largest institutions and organizations in the world

As an institutional asset manager, we hire and manage some of the most well-known investment managers on your behalf. 

With 25+ years experience managing defined contribution plans like yours, we’re used to many of the challenges investors like you face.

Unlike retail approaches commonly used in retirement plans, we can change managers within the fund without disrupting your account.

How we’re different

SEI is an institutional asset manager. That allows us to provide you with:

  • Access to some of the most highly regarded asset managers in the world.  As a manager-of-managers, we create one fund for each major asset class or investment objective that is normally comprised of several individual managers. We then determine the allocation of those managers within the fund. This provides you with access to our investment management research and asset allocation capabilities, along with many well-known asset managers.
  • Built-in diversification, with multiple managers per fund and access to specialized asset pools. This eliminates the need to choose multiple funds within an asset class or investment objective or continually rebalance your positions.
  • Account stability, as we can change managers within the fund to address any risk or performance issues without replacing plan fund selections and causing disruption to your account. This sets us uniquely apart from the retail approach commonly used in retirement plans.

Get to know SEI


As a leading Outsourced CIO, we’d like you to get to know SEI’s approach to our clients, meet the people who make our company great, and understand our commitment to building a diverse culture. Going the extra mile is our standard.

“I’ve worked for a number of different organizations where change is slow. We are able to adapt, change and be ahead of our client needs.”

All of our clients are different, so we focus on your unique needs… And stay current on trends and challenges, participate in industry conferences, conduct primary research, host client symposiums  and support fundraising efforts. Nearly half of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years, underscoring our value as a reliable strategic partner.

“All the different types of clients we have we learn from. We can apply those learnings in the solutions that we garner from dealing with individual situations across the broader set of our clients.”

Those learnings and experiences have helped us guide our clients through some of the most challenging market environments. While the future is uncertain, we’re prepared to anticipate and respond to whatever comes next.

“We think about things from a solution framework. So before we bring a recommendation to a client, we think about all of the elements and key attributes that need to go into that recommendation.” 

Our commitment to our clients is one thing that makes SEI who we are, but we constantly aspire to be more.

At the heart of SEI, our employees are what makes our company special.

“The can-do attitude and the spirit here are what really makes SEI unique.”

“SEI does a great job of creating an environment where everyone—from a new hire to all the way up to senior management—has a voice.”

We value our people and take pride in their significant contributions. SEI Diversity promotes the value and benefits of diversity, supports efforts to maintain and celebrate diversity of thought and experience. We also consider diversity factors in our investment management practices. We’re committed to recruiting, developing and retaining veterans and military personnel as part of our employee base.

“In the world of logistics, SEI is a very good name and drew me and I heard the raving reviews from a lot of veterans who work here already.”

The SEI Women’s Network seeks to inspire and support the professional growth of women globally, providing educational forums and networking opportunities. Our talented and diverse workforce naturally delivers on client expectations, but our employees willingness to embrace SEI’s unique culture helps us stand apart. Our culture is about taking risks, especially when we firmly believe it can benefit our clients.

“We encourage our employees to take risk and really it’s okay if we fail. We’re always doing what’s in our clients’ best interest.”

One of our biggest risks was taken more than 25 years ago when we divested our consulting business to focus exclusively on being an OCIO.

“We were the number one investment consultant in the industry.”

“People thought we were really crazy to make that type of move when we were a leader. But what we did was we listened to our clients and they wanted more accountability.”

That risk earned its reward. Today, SEI is one of the largest OCIOs in the world consistently being recognized as a leader in this space.

At SEI, we are committed to corporate social responsibility, and we’re proud to be a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. The SEI Green Team also encourages us to keep an eye on the future, promoting conservation, sustainability, and environmental education across the company. And SEI Cares highlights where our people and culture intersect the most. Our employee-led, grass roots philanthropic efforts give back to our global communities. And along the way, we celebrate our accomplishments, each other, our families and the success we’ve achieved together with our clients.

Our focus is always on being the reliable and trusted strategic partner our clients need…

“We stand behind our well established track record of delivering.”

And provide our clients confidence that our experience as an OCIO has prepared us…

“We are ready for those challenges and to meet them head on.”

And to focus on having every single client know we will always go the extra mile.

“My pledge to you is to provide you with unparalleled client service and expertise that will ultimately position you to achieve your goals.”

This is SEI and thank you for getting to know us. 


Defined contribution plan investing

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Legal Note

There are risks involved with investing, including loss of principal. Diversification may not protect against market risk. There is no assurance the goals of the strategies discussed will be met.

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