We work in tandem with your advisor to keep you informed of progress towards your goals.*

Your advisor taps our global resources and expertise to help you pursue your goals.

Our investment principles and processes, coupled with your advisor’s personal relationship with you, work together to help enhance returns, reduce volatility and manage investment risk.

Why it matters

How does this relationship help you?

  • Leading-edge investment strategies – For over 50 years, we have used the most up-to-date research to anticipate changing investor needs and create innovative solutions.
  • Access to leading boutique and institutional investment managers – You may benefit from the same sophisticated investment philosophy and processes used by institutional investors.
  • Track record of success in product and solution innovation – For more than 50 years, we've been a leader and innovator in helping meet the challenges of managing personal and institutional wealth.

Your road to retirement or other long-term goals requires an investment strategy that’s built with the long haul in mind, that strives to produce results under all conditions. You’ll find those qualities in our investment strategies.

Our investment philosophy and approach

Investing based on your goals

Your advisor chose us as a strategic partner because of our experience, institutional approach to investing, and focus on setting goals. Using a goals-based process helps you identify goals and set priorities based on your investing timeframe and personal circumstances.

Working with your advisor, you’ll build a base of information that will help you develop an appropriate asset allocation policy and robust investment plan. Your plan takes into consideration:

  • Length of time you have to invest
  • Ability to withstand short-term market volatility
  • Feelings about investments and taking risks
  • Tax considerations

You’ll get a financial statement for each of your goals, whether it’s saving for retirement, funding college tuition or buying a vacation home. We work in tandem with your advisor* to keep you informed of progress towards your goals, while periodically assessing your investment plan as your life circumstances change.

Keeping more of what you earn

Our process includes techniques designed to help investors like you keep more of what you’ve earned. The impact of taxes could keep you from reaching your financial destination. 

As a result, we focus on tax management to help potentially enhance after-tax returns. Remember, it’s not what you earn – it’s what you keep.

Legal Note

* Refers to independent financial advisors who use our flexible outsourced business solutions.

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Neither SEI nor its subsidiaries are affiliated with your financial advisor. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Diversification does not guarantee a profit.

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Our goals-based investing approach accounts for differing needs and risks, specific to each of your goals.

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