Simplify your trade order processes with SEI Trade

SEI Trade provides you, your investors and financial intermediaries with a secure web-based application that significantly streamlines and simplifies the fulfillment and investor trade order processes. This order process tool transforms how you engage with your investors by providing digital document management, investor tracking, workflow automation and real-time tracking and transparency of investor transactions.

Now you can maintain your offering materials, transaction documents and onboarding forms electronically. The underlying technology in our trade order processing solution transforms existing PDFs into a digital form. Automated investor subscription document execution enables the investor or an intermediary to access and complete the form online. The innovative intelligent completion engine increases accuracy, efficiency and simplicity while mitigating risk.

SEI Trade

Your trade order processing solution and onboarding experience for everyone

For fund managers:

  • Provide current and prospective investors with easier access to your products
  • Gain unparalleled visibility and analytics for actionable insight 
  • Mitigate risk and reduce errors  
  • Grow without adding staff

For your investors:

  • Provide a transparent and convenient experience
  • Collaborate easily with you and their wealth advisors
  • Alleviate confusion and errors with a simplified process
  • Reduce time to market with expedited reviews and condensed timelines

Wealth firms:

  • Benefit from greater productivity, efficiency and scalability
  • Access real-time information and customizable workflows and controls
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing platforms
  • Reduce paperwork and remediation needs for easier management of clients’ assets

To learn more about SEI Trade, download our product sheet

SEI Trade transforms and digitizes your fulfillment and investor trade order processing to help you and your investors save time. Watch this video to learn how our interactive dashboard provides a trade order processing solution to simplify investor document tracking and to reduce the time your investors spend completing forms.

SEI Trade -- A Simplified Investor Process