Transparent, Secure and Efficient Access to Investor Data

Comprehensive transaction, holdings and communication views

With our online SEI Investor Dashboard, your investors can view and retrieve fund- and account-level documents and data, including portfolio and fund reporting, account summaries, fund and investor documents, and NAV confirmation details.

Your investors gain the comfort from additional transparency in an institutionalized, controlled manner. And they have the assurance and evidence that you're working with an independent third-party administrator. 

SEI Investor Dashboard

And, secure investor access to timely information provides you with important benefits too:

  • Risk mitigation, by storing and disseminating sensitive information in a controlled environment
  • Efficiencies, by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks associated with information dissemination
  • A more engaging way to present data, by making use of interactive data views in addition to PDF documents

You can configure the Investor Dashboard based on your requirements:

  • Watermark documents for increased security
  • Grant access to non-client-specific information to prospective investors and interested third parties
  • Restrict or grant access according to user or document type
  • Send email notifications when new documents are available

SEI Investor Dashboard -- A High Touch Experience