Traditional finance, meet behavioral theory.

No two investors have the exact same goals – and meeting different goals requires different risk tolerances and investment strategies. That’s why we organize resources against personal and organizational goals – think of it as putting money to work in order to achieve specific objectives like meeting your company's pension obligations, funding your foundation's charitable endeavors or paying for your child's education.

We've been on the leading edge of the goals-based movement, authoring a 2003 paper, Goals-based Investing: Integrating Traditional and Behavioral Finance.

Goals-based investing empowers intermediaries, institutions and individuals alike to focus on what really matters -- achieving goals.

And when you marry those goals with our global economic perspective, it's a powerful framework that:

  • Improves on traditional portfolio construction, as it places a larger emphasis on alignment with investor goals
  • Incorporates cutting-edge insights from behavioral finance
  • Helps keeps investors focused on the right things

For intermediaries, this approach can differentiate you and help you build deeper relationships with your clients. For institutions, endowments and foundations, it's about matching liabilities with funding. For investors, it's a way to stop worrying about beating a benchmark (or agonizing over market fluctuations), and instead focus on achieving your goals.

Legal Note

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