The decision to delegate the management of your investment portfolio isn’t one you take lightly.Awards

You want to gain efficiencies and resources, but you don’t want to give up control.

One key element of an OCIO arrangement is the investment manager taking discretion for the day-to-day tasks of portfolio management like manager research, selection and changes. This gives the committee more time for strategic matters.

We’ve been providing discretionary asset management services (OCIO) for more than 25 years. Within this model, we're responsible for manager-level changes for investments in our strategies.  Also, many of our clients have also decided to delegate more discretion at the asset allocation level.

This isn’t a hand-off – it’s a relationship.

You still need to know what’s going on within your portfolio and drive the strategy. And you’re involved every strategic step of the way.

We believe our client portfolio managers are some of the best in the industry – and you’ll have one dedicated to working with you to:

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  • Create a strategy designed to meet your goals
  • Monitor progress against goals
  • Educate your committee
  • Adjust the strategy as potential opportunities arise or goals change

But they’re not going it alone. They tap into the experience of the more than 300 professionals supporting our OCIO solution and leverage our cutting-edge investment research infrastructure and risk and portfolio management technology.

300+ Professionals Supporting our OCIO solution

Armed with this powerful information and the ability to analyze it, we seek to:

  • Stay knowledgeable of market movements
  • More accurately monitor and project risks
  • Quickly identify managers who may be in trouble, and those who we believe are poised for success

Don’t let our size and scale intimidate you – you get the combined resources of a large firm, but with a custom, personal client experience. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Legal Note

* Pensions & Investments, July, 2017. SEI ranked as the forth largest outsourcer, based on worldwide institutional outsourced assets under management.

Top OCIO Provider at the Fund Intelligence 2017 and Fund Map 2018 Institutional Asset Management Awards as of November 2018. *Pensions & Investments, July, 2018. SEI ranked as a largest outsourcer based on worldwide institutional outsourced assets under management.

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.