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Goals first, financials second.

On the surface, that seems obvious. But, if you're like other wealthy individuals, you might be surprised at the gap between your goals and the wealth you've set aside to attain them. Having clearly defined goals is what anchors your investment decisions.

Combine that with advice focused on achieving your desired outcomes, and you have the most complete picture of your wealth possible - and all the that goes with it.

Answer the essential questions

When you're able get to the heart of what matters, you begin to understand how your answers impact your family, your community, and you.

This isn't about risk/return objectives - that's math. This is about identifying and articulating what you want, and how that matches (or doesn't) the wants of your family members. What's keeping you up at night may be what's keeping you from making decisions.

Our Goals-based Investment Style
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Your personal success is not defined by a portfolio or its benchmarks — but by how well your interests align to your goals.

We help you see your wealth in the context of your life, then tether it to quantitative data — like cash flow, assets, and liabilities. This approach brings organization, clarity and confidence to your decision-making. Your success is defined by this goals-based framework, built to suit your life.

Our planning approach

Measure what's important 

What you don't measure never gets done. Concise, customized, contextual reporting for each of your goals is critical to keep you on track and making the right decisions. It's the only way to make effective, impactful decisions around your wealth.

Our tailored reporting aggregates your financials, and business and non-liquid assets, and aligns them to your goals — giving you the most informed view of progress towards your goals available anywhere.

Our Reporting
Our reporting: measure what's important

Legal Note

SEI Private Wealth Management is an umbrella name for various life and wealth services provided through SEI Investments Management Corporation, a registered investment advisor.