Your financial success guides every component of our OCIO program. Our program is flexible and designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We have a 25+ year track record to demonstrate our commitment to that goal.

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As of 12/31/2019

We leverage our experts, technology and processes to create a strategy to reach your goals. 

Our team of 100+ investment professionals act an extension of your staff, maintaining your desired governance structure. 

Our team of 100+ investment professionals act as an extension of your staff, maintaining your desired governance structure.

Here’s how:

  • Tapping experienced and emerging managers. Manager selection is a seamless part of our investment program that brings together manager research, hiring, monitoring and change within a discretionary framework. For 25+ years, our experts have leveraged their network and the latest technology to ensure we find the best managers that we can. 
  • Actively managing your portfolio. Active management on multiple levels seeks to capture market opportunities in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way. We focus on the fundamentals that drive long-term value. Our dynamic approach provides exposure and diversification to help enhance returns.
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  • Managing risk. We provide a holistic view of risk across your portfolio by analyzing the exposures to and correlations between asset classes and other risk factors. Advanced risk analytics give you insight into the impact of market scenarios on your portfolio.
  • Investment specialists. Our team of 100+ investment professionals, with extensive experience in the investment management business, acts as an extension of your staff. The team, coupled with our investments in the latest technology and systems, provide proactive advice to help ensure you have your preferred portfolio.

Tip the economies of scale in your favor

Access highly capable managers at favorable costs.

We offer significant resources, technology and a robust manager network, with the potential for significant fee advantages.

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