Strategies to Meet a Range of Investor Goals

We believe that staying focused on long-term goal achievement versus short-term performance offers the best opportunities for investors.

With a range of mutual funds strategies, you'll have flexibility to design your clients' financial futures and help support their unique life goals through:

  • The most up-to-date research to create innovative solutions designed to help corporations, financial institutions, and advisors create and manage wealth
  • A tax-managed structure, to help clients keep more of what they earn
  • Diversified portfolios, designed to seek to leverage the return potential of nearly all asset classes and investment styles

 Strategies for every goal

Growth-Focused Strategies 

Designed for wealth accumulation, often for those with longer time horizons. 

For clients who still have many years or decades ahead of them to accumulate wealth, these strategies seek to provide returns above broad market indices, and with similar levels of risk. Suited for investors who have time to recover from short-term losses in periods of high market volatility. 

Stability-Focused Strategies

Designed for investors with shorter time horizons.

For clients with shorter time horizons, these strategies seek to minimize downside risk and risk of loss, while mitigating overall portfolio volatility.  Our portfolio managers work within predefined risk thresholds that are adjusted as the strategies reach new market highs. A drawdown feature seeks to lower the risk profile during periods of high volatility, helping to preserve principal and allowing investors to proactively stay ahead of volatility.

Distribution-Focused Strategies

Designed to provide a flexible cash stream.

These strategies were created to help address the need for predictable cash flows in retirement. They are designed to help manage the risks of assets not lasting throughout retirement.



Legal Note

Information and services provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.

There are risks involved with investing, including loss of principal. Diversification may not protect against market risk. There is no assurance the goals of the strategies discussed will be met. The principal balance of a portfolio using the Distribution-Focused Strategies may be depleted prior to a portfolio's target end-date and, therefore, distributions may end earlier than expected. This risk increases if the distribution amount chosen is a significant portion of the starting principal.

For those SEI Funds which employ the "manager of managers" structure, SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC) has ultimate responsibility for the investment performance of the Funds due to its responsibility to oversee the sub-advisers and recommend their hiring, termination and replacement.

Due to the ever changing nature of investments and retirement objectives, it is critical that the advisor revisit an investor's retirement investment plan at least once a year, and more frequently if possible.

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