Help Make Their Assets Last in Retirement

Our Distribution-Focused Strategies (DFS) were borne out of discussions with advisors like you to help create a strategy for retirement income that would raise the industry standard. The portfolios are tailored to cash flow needs, tax situation, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Your clients gain:

  • Strategies created to address their need for predictable cash flows in retirement
  • An approach aimed at helping make their assets last in retirement
  • Access to invested funds any time
  • Low costs compared with other income alternatives
  • Tax management option to help reduce taxes and potentially enhance income
  • The ability to pass remaining assets on to heirs

DFS Strategies

DFS distributions are funded first with income. If that is not enough, a portion of principal will be strategically sold to meet the need. Tax efficiency is also taken into account for applicable portfolios.

The DFS strategies can be implemented with either an ETF strategy or mutual fund strategy option and are available in both non-tax managed and tax-managed versions.

Legal Note

Due to the ever changing nature of investments and retirement objectives, it is critical that the advisor revisit an investor's retirement investment plan at least once a year, and more frequently if possible.

There are risks involved in investing, including possible loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the investment objective will be fulfilled. The principal balance of the portfolio may be depleted prior to a portfolio's target end-date and, therefore, distributions may end earlier than expected. This risk increases if the distribution amount chosen is a significant portion of the starting principal.

SEI Investments Management Corporation serves as the investment manager to the strategies. For a complete description of all fees and expenses for separately managed accounts, please refer to SEI Investments Management Corporation’s ADV Part 2.

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