Intelligently personalized portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals

For over 30 years, City National Rochdale has specialized exclusively in providing intelligently personalized portfolio management for high net-worth individuals, families, and institutions.

Our strategic relationship with City National Rochdale provides you with a strategic partner to help elevate your competitive position, win high-net-worth business, and grow your practice. Through the strategic partnership, you remain front and center in the client relationship while gaining a dedicated strategic partner with over 30 years of investment experience.

Our strategic partnership with City National Rochdale provides:

  • A highly customized, white glove investment solution designed for clients who desire an extra level of personalized portfolio management, tax sensitivities, income needs, or existing holdings with low cost basis or concentrated positions
  • Screening capabilities for social, personal or other special portfolio constraints
  • Direct access to senior portfolio strategists and fund managers
  • A comprehensive analysis of an existing portfolio in an effort to identify inefficiencies; risk analysis for clients concerned about market volatility 

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Legal Note

Information provided by Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI, a strategic business unit of SEI Investments Company (SEI).

City National Rochdale is not affiliated with SEI or its subsidiaries.

There are risks involved in investing, including possible loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the investment objective will be fulfilled nor that risk can be managed successfully.

For those portfolios of individually managed securities, SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC) makes recommendations as to which manager will manage each asset class. SIMC may recommend the termination or replacement of a money manager and the investor has the option to move the account assets to another custodian or to change the manager as recommended. SIMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI.

SIMC does not represent in any manner that the tax consequences described as part of its tax-management techniques and strategies will be achieved or that any of SIMC's tax-management techniques, or any of its products and/or services, will result in any particular tax consequence. The tax consequences of the tax-management techniques, including those intended to harvest tax losses, and other strategies that SIMC may pursue are complex and uncertain and may be challenged by the IRS. Neither SIMC nor its affiliates provide tax advice.

Please see SIMC's Form ADV Part 2A (or the appropriate wrap brochure) for a full disclosure of the fee schedule.