SEI Wealth Platform Learning Program Accreditation Class Calendar

An overview of the accreditation class offerings throughout the year

SEI Wealth PlatformSM Accreditation Classes are available multiple times per year.

  • Registration Deadline - The latest date on which SEI will allow a Client to register participants for the offered class.
  • Participant Information Due - Clients are required to provide the specific information for each registered participant by this date.
  • eLearning Begins - The required eLearning period will begin for the registered participants of the class. if N/A is displayed, the class does not have a required eLearning curriculum.
  • Onsite Class/Webex Sessions - These dates are ranges (w/o = week of) and represent the time the onsite class or online class will be held. Specific days and times will be available after the registration dates noted.

Legal Note

Please note:
1. eLearning begins: If N/A is displayed, the class does not have a required eLearning curriculum.
2. Onsite class/webex sessions: These dates are expressed in ranges; specific days/times will be available after the registration dates noted.

2018 SEI Wealth Platform Accreditation Calendar

By Course:

Accreditation Course Registration Deadline Participant Information Due eLearning Begins Onsite Class
Foundations - Onsite December 29 January 10 January 22 w/o February 12
Foundations - Onsite January 19 January 31 February 12 w/o March 5
Foundations - Onsite February 23 March 7 March 19 w/o April 9
Foundations - Onsite March 23 April 4 April 16 w/o May 7
Foundations - Onsite April 20 May 2 May 14 w/o June 4
Foundations - Onsite June 22 July 3 July 16 w/o August 6
Foundations - Onsite June 29 July 11 July 23 w/o August 13
Foundations - Onsite July 27 August 8 August 20 w/o September 10
Foundations - Onsite September 21 October 3 October 15 w/o November 5

Please note: All information is subject to change. All class durations are approximate.

Classes for the following will be scheduled based upon demand:
  • Foundations - virtual format
  • SEI Project Management
  • Front Office Role
  • Administration Role
  • Investments Role
  • Operations Role
  • System Integration 
  • Management Reporting

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