We have designed a suite of certification courses that align to specific SEI Wealth Platform opportunities:

  • Our Foundations certification provides a broad, basic understanding of the Platform and how we implement it. The Foundations certification is a prerequisite to every other certification curriculum.
  • Our SEI Project Management certification explores the SEI Wealth Platform implementation methodology, structure and process in detail and prepares an individual for a role as an SEI Project Manager.
  • The Business Readiness certification prepares individuals for the role of Business Readiness Lead on an SEI Wealth Platform project.



Certification Types and Criteria
Foundations Certification (onsite or online)

The Foundations certification is specifically designed for those who have limited knowledge of the SEI Wealth Platform. After achieving a Foundations certification, individuals will possess a broad understanding of the SEI Wealth Platform solution and have an appreciation for our implementation methodology and process. 

SEI Wealth Platform Onsite Foundations Certification curriculum and pricing information - for onsite learners (PDF)

SEI Wealth Platform Online Foundations Certification curriculum and pricing information - for online learners (PDF)

SEI Project Management Certification (onsite only)

The SEI Project Management Certification builds upon the Foundations Certification. In this course, you will understand the SEI implementation process in greater detail, including previous project pain points and be able to understand mitigation options.

Onsite SEI Project Management Course Curriculum PDF - for onsite learners

Business Readiness Certification (onsite only)

The Business Readiness certification consists of five separate courses, including Front Office, Administration, Investments, and Operations. In these courses, you will understand:

  • The role of a Business Readiness Lead and their key counterparts during an implementation
  • The SEI project process, including key milestones and tasks during each phase of the implementation
  • The functionality and processing capabilities within the SEI Wealth Platform
  • Knowledge about the challenges in the space and how to prevent them

The courses may be completed to suit your professional role. You may complete all five courses to achieve a competency in all functional areas and understand the role of a Business Readiness Lead on an SEI Wealth Platform project. Alternatively, you may elect to focus on one or more individual areas without the need to understand or play a Business Readiness Lead role.

System Integration Certification

The System Integration Certification gives you the knowledge necessary to understand the role of the Technical Readiness Lead during an implementation. You will gain an understanding of the primary SEI Wealth Platform data model structure. You will learn the data integration tools that are available for inbound and outbound data to and from the SEI Wealth Platform. You will also understand the fundamentals of system integration design, testing, deployment, and support for the SEI Wealth Platform integration efforts.

Management Reporting Certification

The Management Reporting Certification provides you with the fundamentals to understand all of the available reporting options and tools within the SEI Wealth Platform. Upon completion, you will have the ability to create new or existing system reports using available data elements and end client ready reports using a firm's custom branding. You will also learn and understand reporting challenges and be prepared to recommend mitigation options.

Onsite Management Reporting Certification Course Curriculum and Pricing information - For onsite learners (PDF)

Please note: All information is subject to change. All class durations are approximate. 

This program is provided by SEI Global Services, Inc

Ongoing Education

As part of the certification fee outlined in each course curriculum, certification participants are provided access to learning materials relating to releases of new services and functional enhancements as well as all learning materials from the certification program. Each individual is responsible for consuming this information in order to keep themselves current on their SEI Wealth Platform knowledge.

Certification Maintenance

Each certified consultant will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they are meeting the necessary maintenance requirements of their respective certification. If the individual is found to have not met the maintenance requirements, a remedial plan will be prescribed in order for the individual to remain certified. This plan will be shared and agreed with the consultant's sponsoring firm to ensure the consultant has the necessary support and that the firm still wishes to continue their sponsorship of the consultant to remain certified. For more information on certification maintenance, please visit the document below.

Certification Maintenance Review Process and Procedures (PDF)

Post-certification project opportunities

In addition to being on a list of certified consultant resources available to our clients, as the need arises, we may also seek to fill the following project roles. We will conduct a standard evaluation of all qualified and available candidates, based on three major criteria: wealth industry knowledge, project and professional experience and SEI Wealth Platform and SEI Project Management Office knowledge.

Grouping, Role and Responsibilities:


Project Manager (PM) - Applies industry standard and SEI project disciplines and methodology in accordance with corporate project governance.

Business Readiness (BR) - Responsible for developing the new operating and business model on the SEI Wealth Platform with the SEI client.

System Integration - Responsible for the development and/or testing of interfaces either inbound or outbound from the SEI Wealth Platform.

Training (TR) - Work with SEI project team and Firm training staff to design and execute train-the-trainer and end user training programs for firm implementations.

Development and Testing

Business Analyst/Quality (BA/QA) - Responsible for the business assessment and requirements of new development as well as the quality assurance process of the related development. Development and Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - Participate in SEI Private Banking's User Acceptance Testing of new functionality released with each PSI release (quarterly)

Change Management

Change Lead (CL) - Responsible for building and maintaining material and the process that support transformation effort within the organization.

Change Administrator (CA) - The administrator will consult, coach, and support core project team members with communication, change management, and HR needs including resistance management.

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