Know what you're buying into

Is your wealth management solution just old tech re-engineered? Do you believe growth requires change? Will your provider grow with you and invest in you?

Each of our clients has unique business needs and understands that not all financial solutions are created equal. They need to know that their technology won't be outdated before it even goes live. They want their questions and concerns addressed promptly and thoroughly. And they value a business relationship where their ideas are welcomed and embraced. Having a true strategic partnership matters to them, and to us.

Two willing parties, asking the right questions is how we found each other.

Explore these three stories in which clients found what they needed by asking us the right questions.

Cornering the Market

Is your wealth management solution just old tech re-engineered?

Adopting modern tech attracts top advisors and takes client service to a new level

cornering the marketSome financial institutions set their sights on managing every dollar, becoming giants in the industry, even taking over the world. Others hone in on one thing and aim to be the best at it. For Pinnacle Trust, a comprehensive wealth management firm in Madison, Mississippi, success means providing clients with the absolute highest standard of service. 


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People Leading the Way

Do you believe growth requires change?

You can build strategic partnerships to deliver fully integrated change management

Firm Growth and MindfulnessAs a strategic partner, we strive to help clients achieve much more than a technology conversion. We seek out consulting partners with the same mentality and through the SWP Certification Program identify meaningful ways of jointly bringing value to clients. Discover how our partnership with Grant Thornton led to a strategic change management initiative helping to support wealth managers through the transformational change of adopting the SEI Wealth PlatformSM.

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Leap of Faith

Will your provider grow with you and invest in you?

Invest in change to power future growth

Take a leap of faithChange is never easy, but today, doing nothing is the bigger risk. Washington Trust knew that and after asking the right questions, they chose us as a strategic long-term partner. One that they feel good about. With values centered on building relationships that strengthen our client communities, we strive to help our clients achieve much more than just a technology conversion. We worked with Washington Trust to help them transform their business - a process much more ambitious, complex and far-reaching.  While change isn't easy, if you want to stay relevant in today's world it's a matter of "when," not "if." 

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