OAKS, Pa., Jan. 6, 2017 – SEI (NASDAQ:SEIC) today announced SEI Trade, an innovative, cloud-based solution that automates the paperwork-intensive process of handling, documenting, and tracking investors’ private fund transactions. The announcement comes after a year-long experience integrating the solution into the alternative investment arm of a major global financial institution and its various wealth and brokerage divisions. 

SEI Trade was designed to help private fund managers upgrade the investor and financial advisor experience, while streamlining a notoriously inefficient and error-prone set of processes. The first solution to provide such comprehensive automation, SEI Trade offers digital document management, workflow automation, intelligent form completion, and real-time tracking and transparency of investor transactions. It streamlines and simplifies all steps in the fulfillment, transaction, and on-boarding processes. SEI Trade is a component of the company’s global operating platform and as such, has the flexibility to handle all major investment vehicles or transaction types, making it easier for investment firms to expand their product lines. Managers can use the platform’s analytics to gain new insights about their investors.

“In building this solution, SEI looked to address an area that our clients have felt was a cumbersome paper-driven process vulnerable to simple errors and process delays,” said Jim Warren, Head of Solutions Strategy & Development of SEI’s Investment Manager Services division. “Investment automation has been critical throughout the financial services industry, and we wanted to apply those improvements to the investment subscription process, allowing our manager clients and their investors to benefit from these technological improvements.” 

As part of SEI Trade’s development, SEI created a proof of concept integrating the solution into a private Blockchain. Blockchain’s native encryption and distributed general ledger functionality lends itself to being the storage and delivery mechanism for the sensitive investor data captured in the application. The distributed ledger would allow for the delivery of this data to be near real time, complete, and highly secure regardless of the audience or use case.      

Key features of SEI Trade include: 

  • Digital management of fulfillment materials and forms. 
  • Simplified, personalized handling of forms. 
  • Product-specific workflows. 
  • Real-time transparency and auditing. 
  • Customizable analytics.  
  • Investor qualification streamlining. 
  • Straight-through processing. 

“Helping managers deliver a more competitive investor experience was a top priority for the SEI Trade development team,” said Warren. “Private fund managers justifiably have focused more on investment performance than on providing online access, customization, and user-friendly interfaces. As their business grows more competitive, we felt that SEI could help them compete on the investor experience front, too.” 

Alternative investment managers, wealth management firms, and distribution platforms, many of which have lagged behind other financial services firms in bringing processes online, have the most to gain from this new technology, although other firms that grapple with paper-intensive processes can also benefit.    

About SEI's Investment Manager Services Division 

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