LONDON, Jan. 10, 2019 – Advisers are failing to tailor specific charity spending needs with investment objectives, according to a study conducted by SEI (NASDAQ:SEIC).  Analysis of 212 of the largest U.K. charities’ annual reports revealed that 53 percent share common investment targets, with 62 percent of those charities underspending on charitable activity compared to their listed asset growth over a five-year period.1

"Working closely with a client to identify unique investment goals is paramount..."

More than half of respondents share common investment targets, namely asset growth of RPI or CPI, and have a charitable spending target of three to four percent. On average, spending growth for the group trailed the growth of income-producing listed assets by 44 percent. This finding implies that if asset growth had moved at the same pace as spending growth over a five-year period, an additional £1.65 billion could have been made available for charitable spending.

SEI’s proprietary research also reveals that 38 percent of endowments had overspent against their asset growth, further demonstrating the need for investment advice to be aligned with each charity’s specific income and spending requirements.

Pradeep Kachhala, Director U.K. Charities, SEI’s Institutional Group, said:

“As government spending is reduced and the demand for resources increases, the charity sector is experiencing challenging times. With the potential for an additional £1.65 billion of charitable spending, our research further supports the need for many advisers to work better with Trustees to understand their spending needs and align financial objectives appropriately.

“There is a real opportunity to alleviate some of the pressure on the charitable sector by providing charities with the opportunity to optimize spending without taking on any excessive risk. Advisers must create customized investment objectives that are unique to the client’s risk and return requirements. Working closely with a client to identify unique investment goals is paramount, and utilizing technology to put spending triggers in place helps safeguard against overspending, as well as identifying necessary additional spending for the client.”

A full copy of the research findings can be found on our UK website.

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1A total of 212 charity accounts were analysed from June 2018 to September 2018.