Global regulation has developed like a slow growing but increasingly powerful storm system over the last five years. And whereas big wave surfers welcome such conditions thanks to the epic waves it produces, there are, it could be argued, precious few C-suite executives relishing the equivalent regulatory waves being cast ashore.

In this Hedgeweek series, SEI's Phil Masterson and Kevin Byrne consider some of the questions CCOs and other C-suite execs are contending with.  Perhaps the most pressing of these is:

“How can I maximize or optimize the firm’s compliance spend?”

The answer may be a combination of the top-down, bottom-up approach -- combining technology with human expertise.  In this article we look at the top-down component of this answer, focusing on concepts such as:

  1. Digital platforms
  2. Firm compliance
  3. Access to data

Read the full article: 

Global regulatory compliance – RegTech isn’t a panacea but provides critical tools in the right hands

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