A recent FundFire article discusses the trend within the institutional asset management business OCIO search consultants. This growing resource, who lead searches for institutional investors to hire OCIOs, is causing a role reversal for both consultants and OCIOs.

Because of the OCIO search consultants' role, OCIOs are now viewed how an asset managers would be in a traditional manager search.  OCIOs are looking for ways to work with these consultant gatekeepers. 

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Aligning yourself with search consultants has its benefits. However, some search consultants have small staff with timing and budgetary constraints, making it difficult for on-site due diligence. 

As Paul Klauder, our Executive Vice President and Head of our Institutional Group explains in the article, our program eases the burden on OCIO search consultants. 

We have two dedicated professionals who serve as intermediaries for SEI.

We have two dedicated professionals who serve as intermediaries for SEI. If a search consultant does not have the bandwidth to meet at our office, the team will travel to them. 

Other OCIOs agree with this approach  having a direct point of contact for search consultants will help maintain an ongoing relationship. Staying in touch during a search is critical. 


Search Specialists Turn the Tables on Consultants, OCIOs (PDF)

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