Healthcare organizations have a variety of plan types and asset pools with different goals. Because of this, they are often a best fit with investment providers that have expertise across a broad array of product types, like an OCIO, rather than a one-size-fits-all program. This type of partner provides:

  • A tailored approach for healthcare institutions with operating assets/pools
  • A holistic view of the portfolio through asset allocation modelling and risk metrics

Because an OCIO can offer customization to each unique asset pool, even consultants expect to see more healthcare organizations utilize OCIO services

OCIO for Healthcare

OCIO firms, like SEI, have dedicated healthcare resources to meet the demands of this unique market segment. An uptick in mergers and acquisition activity, and uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act has left many looking to outsource their investment management operations. 


Consultants, OCIOs Vie for Healthcare Mandates in Growth Push (PDF)

SEI has extensive experience delivering customized financing and balance sheet management solutions to institutional clients within this sector and regularly speaks at industry conferences. 

Total enterprise risk management is a key element to consider when evaluating your healthcare portfolio.  

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An ever-changing industry

Healthcare organizations face a continually changing market and regulatory environment. Working with an established healthcare team can help keep you aware of the latest trends and changes. 

An Experienced OCIO for Healthcare Clients

Our established infrastructure and experienced professionals are here to help you better manage your various asset pools.

Legal Note

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