FundFire Article: OCIOs See Boom in Replacement Search Activity

February 10, 2017

As the popularity of the OCIO model continues to grow, organizations that already partner with an OCIO provider investigate if they have the right one.

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A FundFire article reveals that there is an uptick in search activity among institutional investors who already work with an OCIO provider and are thinking about making a switch. Why? SEI's Mike Cagnina explains that investors may not be satisfied with certain services and results that were first promised to them:

"During the initial [search] phase investors would ask 'Should I hire a consultant or an OCIO?' Now people are asking themselves 'Do I have the right OCIO?"

"During the initial [search] phase investors would ask 'Should I hire a consultant or an OCIO?' Now people are asking themselves, 'Do I have the right OCIO?" -- Mike Cagnina, SEI

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This article discusses:

  • Three organizations that currently work with an OCIO and what OCIOs they are evaluating to make a change

  • Reasons organizations are revisiting their current OCIO relationship

But the trend doesn't stop there. Even organizations that haven't worked with an OCIO in the past are searching for OCIO firms, abandoning the traditional consulting model.

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