According to a NACUBO executive, many universities fear charitable giving will decline due to changes included in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, saying that it:

  • Reduces the need to itemize write offs such as charitable contributions
  • Will increase the cost of making gifts

While proponents of the reform believe there will be little impact, it's widely accepted that the number of charitable contributions will decline. 

"I don't think contributions will be as impacted as some in higher education think." - Mary Jane Bobyock

With that said, the aggregate value of donations may not take a big hit. Why? According to our nonprofit expert, Mary Jane Bobyock, 98% of fundraising comes from wealthy donors. "I don't think contributions will be as impacted as some in higher education think. Some schools that are already maintaining and developing relationships with large donors aren't as worried."

For more on how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act may impact charitable giving among higher education, read the full article. 

Read: Charitable Contribution Expected to Decline in 2018 (PDF)

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