Attend almost any financial industry event today and the chances are a panel discussion will refer to blockchain and the transformation opportunities it could afford the industry. The potential for blockchain seems to be limitless, but the reality of it is that there's more work to be done, more ramifications to be understood.  

In this article with Hedgeweek, Jim Warren considers the myriad ways blockchain could be incorporated into the financial services industry, and how that might change the way managers and service providers do business. 

"...we like to remain at the forefront of technology and we felt it was important to plug into the 'how' of blockchain not just the 'what'..." --Jim Warren

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From buying portfolios on the secondary market, to regulatory reporting, to counterparty data, both internal and external blockchains have the potential to resolve many challenges in today's industry.  Additionally, the KYC process is document and transaction heavy, making it a prime target for an internal blockchain.  

Read the full article, Blockchain & Building Ecosystems in Financial Services to learn more about where the future of blockchain in finance is headed.  

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