Do you know the key questions you want to consider before making any change to your DC plan?

Know the 5 Ws:

  1. Who: There are many providers. Who is the best fit to help manage your DC plan?
  2. What: You want your participants prepared for retirement. What can you, the plan fiduciary, do to improve the likelihood of retirement readiness?
  3. When: Change is hard. There's never a good time. When is it necessary to get participants and the committee back on track?
  4. Where: You want to cover all your bases. Where do you start?
  5. Why: The current regulatory environment has made it difficult for sponsors to fulfill their fiduciary obligations. Why does discretionary investment management bring benefits to participants and sponsors alike?

What to know before making a change to the DC plan

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Make Your Plan More Effective

Meet fiduciary obligations and increase plan sophistication and oversight.

Discretionary investment/OCIO simplifies plan management so you can focus on helping participants retire.

The benefits of OCIO