The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 led many pension plan sponsors to accelerate their pension contributions. And while several factors determine the appropriateness of accelerating contributions, several US corporate plans deferred contributions in favor of alternative uses of capital to benefit shareholders. 

But what if you’re an underfunded pension plan – what are your options and trade-offs? Or a plan with distant time frames for required contributions? 

I recently partnered with Portfolio Strategist Joseph Busillo to look at the plan sponsor-specific factors involved in selecting the most appropriate approach, based on your circumstances.

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Tax Reform and the Decision to Accelerate Pension Contributions (PDF)

Trade-offs of accelerating pension contributions

Make Your Plan More Effective

Meet fiduciary obligations and increase plan sophistication and oversight.

Discretionary investment/OCIO simplifies plan management so you can focus on helping participants retire.

The benefits of OCIO

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