Survey: Target Date Funds Get a Second Look

January 21, 2017

Poll results show the latest trends. Have you examined your Target Date offering recently?

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Getting the Target Date Fund Decision Right

The success of DC plans could ultimately depend on the effectiveness of Target Date Funds (TDFs). How are proactive plan sponsors creating a sophisticated retirement plan for participants to adequately save for retirement? In Part two of our three-part DC research series, we reveal how plan sponsors portray the outlook for DC plans and the role TDFs will play.

Key findings:

  1. Plan sponsors are offering non-recordkeeper TDFs.
    62% of those surveyed felt it is a good idea to separate asset management services from recordkeeping, highlighting the trend toward institutional investment products.
  2. Plan sponsors want to improve participation percentages.
    58% of all poll respondents offering TDFs said ideally more of their participants would use the TDFs they offer.
  3. Plan sponsors believe they should provide high-quality investment options.
    93% of polled sponsors said they have a fiduciary responsibility to make certain every effort is made to provide the participants with the best investment options possible.       

Survey Results: Target Date Funds Get a Second Look

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