The first of its kind, our joint research study with AGB examines investment and operational priorities among institutionally related foundations. The results provide a status report of the current landscape, intended to help foundations in their work.

The report explores a variety of topics, including operations, 2022 investment outlook, asset allocation, spending policies, fees, and investment management providers.

Foundations can use the study's data to: AGB Study

  • compare against current strategies
  • provide insights on various aspects of their business
  • tap into forward-looking trends 



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About our partnership with AGB

We have an ongoing commitment to support our higher education clients, and that starts with understanding their needs and challenges. Our strategic partnership with AGB validates our commitment and focus to this group. AGB aims to strengthen higher education governing boards and the strategic roles they serve within their institutions and foundations. Here at SEI, we echo that support and encourage clients to leverage our resources and partnerships to benefit from access to an expanded network of industry experts.

We believe that our involvement in industry research and engagement opportunities, including our partnership with AGB, helps us provide insights into the trends and landscape that can support better-informed strategic decisions among higher education foundations.

Key findings

2022 investment outlook

  • 38% of foundations expect inflation to increase by at least 2% in 2022
  • 64% have an investment return objective between 7% and 8.25% for 2022

Asset allocation

  • 32% of foundations said they plan to increase their use of alternatives this year, with private equity, private real estate, and venture capital being the most popular alternative asset classes

Investment management provider

  • 54% utilize an OCIO provider
  • 34% work with an investment consultant

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