The rise of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter has been unprecedented over the last few years. LinkedIn now has some 313 million users, and in Q2 2014 its revenues rose by 47% to $534 million. Despite the growth and widespread acceptance, upwards of 40% of the top 100 asset management groups are not active on social media and remain in a "wait-and-see" position.

To help investment managers develop an effective and sustainable social media strategy, while avoiding undue compliance complications, Lori White, part of  SEI's Marketing Regulation Counsel, offers eight tips and considerations.

These considerations include:

  • Selecting your formats and platforms
  • Developing, organizing and recycling your content
  • Avoiding regulatory scrutiny

The final book on social media compliance has yet to be written. Much like the adoption of email and the web before that, it will likely take years before guidance is crystal clear. The rules, both written and implied, of social media are a moving target. When in doubt, consult an expert before you move forward.

Download your copy of our social media brief: Stepping Into Social Media