This blog was written by our social media contributor, Shannon Gallagher, SEI.

Today I’m going to share some content-savvy tips, including:

  1. How to repurpose one item of content in multiple ways 
  2. How to create a social strategy that allows you to post frequently

If you read my blog from two weeks ago, Social Media for Advisors: Don’t Post and Ghost, you learned the benefits of spending time to engage with your audience every time you make a post. If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend jumping back to read it before moving forward with this blog post (it’s a three-minute read, promise). In a nutshell, I explain that the biggest benefit of interacting with your audience before and after you post is that it causes the algorithm to show your post to more users. The algorithm places you in an “active participant” category on your readers’ social media platforms.

But what if you don’t have time to engage with your social audience? Or you run out of content ideas quickly and can only do a social post once a month?

I have some ideas for you!

The first idea, like I mentioned above, is to repurpose your content.

Let’s say you create a blog for your audience. You can now pull pieces of that one blog and post it to multiple platforms. Some suggestions for effective ways to do this: 

  • Pull out three tweetable lines from the blog and tweet each of them three times over the course of the next two months, linking your audience back to the blog. Do this for Facebook and LinkedIn, as well.
  • If you use Instagram, create a graphic post highlighting the same topic as your blog and post it to your feed. You can do the same on your Instagram story.
  • How about some videos? Now that you’ve written about that topic, convert it into a short video discussing the topic a little more in detail. 

From just one blog, you now have content for the next 2-3 months. Utilize repurposing content to provide different messages that point back to the same piece of content.

“Great!” you say. “But Shannon, I don’t have time to be posting all over the place all the time!”

Have no fear, technology is here.

calendar iconBecause social media is not “one and done,” staying social is pretty important and needs to be done frequently and consistently.

There are great social media posting apps that can help you schedule posts for the future. My favorites are Hootsuite and Later. You can leverage these tools to draft a social media strategy and become more consistent on social.

Here is what I would do if I were you.

  1. Lay out the content you’d like to create for the month
  2. Organize how you want to repurpose it to your multiple channels
  3. Once all of the content is finalized, go into the technology platform you decide to use and schedule everything at once for the next few months. If you’re unsure of the best dates and times to post, here is an article to give you an idea.
  4. Watch your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram launch without you having to do anything

We call this “content batching.” It frees up a lot of your time throughout the week. You no longer need to get distracted by social media postings because it’s all done for you already.

Now if you do have more free time because your scheduling is ready to go, you can hop onto your social accounts more frequently and engage with your posts and audience!

You don’t have to create the wheel every time anymore — let technology help you create a well-planned-out strategy, so you can begin to focus on the more important parts of running your business.


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