Investment committees have a variety of provider options to review when conducting an evaluation. Some key categories of providers include:

  • In-house management uses internal resources and requires a considerable amount of investable assets to achieve proper diversification
  • Consultant models maintain an investment focus, typically with limited fiduciary support
  • Outsourced CIO (OCIO) partners bring fiduciary protection with a custom risk management offering and less committee involvement in investment manager decisions

Which model works best for you?

Regardless of what you decide, there are critical characteristics you will want your provider model to possess:

  • A long-term track-record that features diversified portfolios designed to deliver consistent performance
  • Access to experienced and well resourced teams that provide advice and recommendations
  • A strategic partner that demonstrates flexible implementation and approaches each client with a custom solution

Get the right help from the right provider

Not all OCIOs are alike – experience and infrastructure matter.

You need an OCIO with a unique investment background and the ability to monitor the market to make timely changes.

A proven OCIO

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Legal Note

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