The organizations we work with are incredible. The work that they do and the passion they bring to that work makes a true difference.

In this week’s episode of The Intersection, John Grasso, President of SEI Cares, talks about how community engagement builds a better culture for companies and their employees.

Episode 4: The Call to Care

In the fourth episode of The Intersection, we’re joined by John Grasso, a member of our Institutional Marketing team and President of SEI Cares.

SEI Cares is our global employee-led group focused on grassroots fundraising and volunteering. This group provides charitable grants to other local 501(c)(3) organizations through the SEI Cares Fund, an employee contribution fund. John sits down with Leslie Wojcik, Head of Global Communications, to talk about the group’s history and mission, and share about some of the work SEI employees have been involved in this year.

Enjoy Episode 4.