The future of planning is here and it’s a client-centric world.

There’s a shift underway in the advice industry. Your clients’ financial lives are more complex. They’re demanding more transparency and more value, and they want to take an active role in the planning process. 

It’s time to embrace financial planning—and your planning processes—at the next level.

In part 2 of our “Next Wave” white paper series, “The Next Wave of Advice Management: Use client-centric planning to create a personalized experience,” we teamed up with Spenser Segal from ActiFi to share insights and practical steps that uncover opportunity in the industry’s changes.    

  • How to use client-centric planning to create a personalized experience
  • How to identify the right planning approaches for your clients
  • Why the “old school” financial planning process should now be implemented differently
  • How to improve efficiency by following repeatable processes
  • Which financial planning software companies are creating the most industry disruption
  • How technology can create opportunity to deepen the human relationships you’ve worked so hard to build 

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