2016 Middle Office Survey of Investment Managers

Investment management firms have long equated competitiveness with the performance of their portfolios. However, a growing number of investment organizations -- including managers of both traditional and alternative strategies--have come to realize that there’s value throughout their firms, not solely on the portfolio management front.

The most thoughtful firms will look beyond the status quo. They'll transform their middle offices from support functions to strategic assets that are scalable, agile and nimble. And they'll be the best prepared to successfully adapt to changing market dynamics.

Knowledge Center Practical Tips to Help Navigate the Middle Office Outsourcing Transition Strategic, business and operational drivers for outsourcing the middle office

Our survey focused on several topics including:

  • The evolving landscape of middle office
  • Using middle office as a competitive advantage
  • What does the future hold for outsourcing

Read more about the changes, growth and complexities of middle office.

Download your complimentary copy of the white paper, Middle Office: A Hidden Source of Competitive Advantage.