Have you thought about your 2022 growth strategy? Last week I joined Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite for a webinar called Developing a Solid Growth Strategy in 2022, and we have some ideas for you to consider. 

Samantha is a digital marketing expert, frequent speaker, and sought-after industry expert. Since we’re in peak of business planning season, I was interested to hear her perspective on the top marketing trends for 2022. 

If you’re looking to grow, check out Samantha’s top five marketing tactics. 

Tactic #1: Have a spokesperson(s)

People connect with people, not with brands. More than ever, networking is happening online, so it’s time to identify a spokesperson (if you’re a solopreneur, you’re it) and get them on camera. I couldn’t agree more.

To find your spokesperson, look for someone who has the desire to speak and put themselves out there, and has good communications skills. If you need help getting started with video, start with “How to Create a Video Content Plan.“ 

Tactic #2: Capitalize on the great wealth transfer (that’s already happening)

Cerulli Associates estimates $68 trillion will move between generations within 25 years. Yet, over 80% of investors who inherit their parents’ wealth look for a new financial advisors. Yikes! 

Start by looking at your book of business. Which clients have children 18 years or older? Can you start build a relationship with their children? Samantha recommends establishing relationships early. One advisor she cites offers free planning until the age of 26 for children of clients. 

Trend #3: Consider alternative communications channels such as YouTube and Instagram

What’s the most widely used social platform among U.S. adults? I incorrectly guessed Facebook. It’s actually YouTube, followed by Facebook, and Instagram. Just another reason to incorporate video into your marketing efforts. 

Trend #4: Be a one-stop shop

According to an Advisorpedia investor study, there are some big gaps between services expected versus services received. In the areas of tax planning, wealth transfer advice, trust services and more, investors’ expectations are not being met. This is a signal that investors want a one-stop shop. 

If you are providing these services, are your clients aware of them? How you package and communicate your services matters. Samantha recommends being explicit about the services you provide. Leveraging a visual overview can help communicate the breadth and depth of your services in a way investors can easily understand. 

For many firms, it’s not realistic to build all of these services and expertise in-house. Developing strategic partnerships is one way to be able to deliver these services. 

At SEI we’re focused on helping to make you better through partnership. As part of that commitment, we have a number of strategic partnerships to support various aspects of your business. Explore our strategic partnerships

Trend #5: Incorporate social proof

With the new SEC rule on reviews and testimonials, there’s an opportunity to show social proof. Start by checking with your compliance about how you can proceed. 

Samantha recommends, at the very least, that you claim your Google My Business listing and complete it fully. 

Think about it: When you’re looking for a doctor, you most likely start by searching on Google. Would you rather see a doctor with 4-5 star reviews or no reviews? 

Now what?

In the webinar with Samantha, I shared how to narrow down the growth strategy and tactics you use. 

In my experience, the following three things should inform your growth plan: 

  1. Your goals
  2. Your ideal clients 
  3. Your strengths and opportunities 

For example, if you’re looking to grow with millennial-age clients, Instagram may be a great alternative social media channel, rather than only focusing on LinkedIn. If you have someone in your firm who is up for being a spokesperson, encourage them to get active on Instagram. Be sure they will represent your firm and your clients’ needs well. 

Stay focused: The best thing you can do is to stay ruthlessly focused on one to three priorities. I say this to help you avoid the feeling of disappointment that comes after watching a webinar and walking away with 10 great ideas and implementing zero of them.

If your intuition is to try all of these recommendations, take a step back. Choose one or two marketing tactics with your goal, ideal clients and strengths in mind. 

To help you develop a strategy and tactics, access these new SEI practice management tools:

Marketing is most effective when it’s clearly aligned with your goals, ideal clients and your strengths. And don’t forget to keep at it. Even if you don’t see any results within the first month, be patient and keep going.  Cheers to your success in 2022!     


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