In today’s contributor post, Jerry Lezynski, our head of IAS marketing, takes us back to how music brought people together in past days. He shares that in today’s crisis, communication can bring us closer yet again. Jerry and his team have created a great primer for getting started or improving your already existing communications plan.

As we continue to WFH, I count my blessings. I can read Jerry’s post that starts with music from Live Aid — and I don’t have to hear him sing any of the songs! Please enjoy Jerry’s post -- JDA

Music is the universal language that brings us together in good times and especially in bad times and times of crisis. Today is no different.

Many of us remember Live Aid, the dual benefit concert held to raise funds for Ethiopian famine relief in July 1985, at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and Wembley Stadium in London. Having recently graduated from college, I enjoyed listening to this concert experience on WMMR FM radio while on the sun-drenched beach in Avalon, NJ with my buddies. I remember it like it was yesterday. We belted out the lyrics to Queen’s “We are the Champions,” the Hooters’ “And We Danced,” and even Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Music and its lyrics were the common language that brought us together. Back then, there were only a few ways to experience a concert like this — live at the event, on TV, on the radio or reading about it afterwards in print. 

Being quarantined for Day XX (I forget how long it has been), we and many of our families have turned to music and its uplifting lyrics to help get us through this and remind us there are good times ahead. From YouTube parodies (“My Corona” a spoof of The Knack’s classic hit), to Disney Singalong Sundays (33 million viewers singing “Let it Go” and “Under the Sea”) to high school, college, and professional concert musicians via Zoom, there has been plenty of ways to escape reality. This also includes many of the virtual Covid-19 benefit concerts like Jersey 4 Jersey (featuring Bruce Springsteen), One World: Together at Home charity concert to support healthcare workers, and more. These talented musicians are giving back just to us through music and lyrics, just as you are to your clients.

music notesWe have spoken to a number of successful financial advisors to understand what they are doing to reassure clients during this crisis. John Anderson’s recent Random Acts and What Are You Communicating to Prospects posts provide interesting insights and ideas. All recognize that reassuring clients during the pandemic and the extreme market volatility has been a challenge. No doubt, advisors are connecting with clients in different but personal and meaningful ways. Just as lyrics are to a song, the common language of caring and concern during these times is the spoken word. 

It has been powerful and moving to hear how the spoken word is transforming itself in a variety of ways to help us connect with each other, given the social distancing world we live in. Fortunately, technology-enabled communication tools make it easier to speak with clients to help put them at ease. The spoken word has manifested itself in exciting new ways: person-to-person on the phone, via Zoom and Web-ex, through video, podcasting, social media and even the old time favorite of personal written notes and greeting cards.

At times it may seem that there are too many choices and ways to communicate. Advisors have asked about best practices that we can recommend. To that end, we have recently created a short document called Stay Connected – Ideas to Help Ease Clients’ Fears During the Crisis. The free, downloadable piece is organized into three key areas:

  1. General communications
  2. Events – virtual and live (with social distancing)
  3. Random acts and community outreach

As much as things have changed in today’s world, so much has stayed the same. Nothing takes the place of words and their impact. Fortunately, today there are unlimited ways of expressing it. Advisors like you are doing many wonderful things to stay connected with clients and prospects. Today represents a tremendous opportunity to reassure them that you care in many creative and heartfelt ways.

We want to hear from you too. Please email us your ideas and how you are communicating to We will look for additional communication opportunities to share with your peers. Thank you.


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