What are you reading?

I used to get this question from my Villanova Executive MBA students all the time. I loved that question. I would go home and type up a list of my favorite magazines. In the ’90s, I would just look at the desk of my home office and flip through the magazines lying around and really think about the ones that had the greatest impact. I would then organize them by theme: global, strategy, people, technology, general news, etc. Then in the 2000s, I would flip through my iPad and see what I had in my magazine app or later on Texture.

Now, when I get this question, I respond saying I do a lot more than read. I still read magazines, but now I also read blogs (my latest addition is Seth Godin’s blog) and take classes on Coursera (just took Intro to Psychology). I listen to numerous podcasts (my personal favorite is HBR’s IdeaCast and a new one called WorkLife with Adam Grant). I also listen to a ton of books through Audible, while driving to visit my son in college. Over the last two years, I have added even more vehicles for learning to my repertoire. I watch video blogs, TED Talks and LinkedIn training.

Connect with the content

Staying current has never been easier or more interesting because it goes much further than simply reading. The ways in which we can access information continue to improve, but what’s most interesting to me are the ways you can interact and engage with content so the learning is beyond the article, the book or the blog post. It’s immersive. You can communicate with the author and converse with other readers in a discussion. You can actually connect with the content and keep the conversation moving. Reading is no longer passive; it’s an active and dynamic exercise.

As we look to learn from each other, the question needs reframing. Instead of asking, “What are you reading,” let’s try:

  • How do you stay current?
  • How do you learn?
  • Where do you get your information?

So now I ask you: How have you been enlightened lately?

We’ll be taking a short break from the blog during the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ll be surrounded by family, food, fun, and probably a podcast or two. Happy holidays to you and yours!


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