In 2016, we issued a paper on what we saw as five major innovations that were causing disruptions both within and outside of their respective industries. We are revisiting those themes one by one to provide you with an up-to-date picture of the innovations occurring in our industry today.

In this, our final chapter of The Upside of Disruption: Why the Future of Asset Management Depends on Innovation,” we revisit Uberization. As we discussed in our original chapter, firm like Uber rethought and took apart the traditional business models to build them back differently. 

Subversive start-ups created networks through technology that allowed them to farm out tasks in bite-sized pieces to experts, connect to a new web of consumers and expand their reach at lightning speeds.  The upheaval marks a departure from the usual business models, and opens up opportunities for those who can make the shift.  

To learn more, download the pdf or read the four sections of Uberization 2.0 online:

  1. Challenging the Models and Recent Developments
  2. Impact on Financial Services
  3. Asset Management Examples
  4. What's Next & Final Thoughts

In order to accurately gauge how vulnerable the financial services industry is to this type of disruption, it helps to better understand the pain points that are being addressed. 

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