In 2016, we issued a paper on what we saw as five major innovations that were causing disruptions both within and outside of their respective industries. We are revisiting those themes one by one to provide you with an up-to-date picture of the innovations occurring in our industry today.

Continuing with our update of “The Upside of Disruption: Why the Future of Asset Management Depends on Innovation,” we address Twitterization 2.0. Corporate communication is no longer a one-way street. Technology has transformed how businesses communicate with — and learn from — their customers. 

Once dismissed as a trivial pastime, social media now represents an important area of innovation for financial services firms. As critical communications channels and sources of real-time data, social networks present many opportunities for asset management firms willing to engage.

To learn more, download the pdf or read the four sections of Twitterization 2.0 online:

  1. Social Media's Grand Entrance and Recent Developments
  2. Impact on Financial Services
  3. Asset Management Examples
  4. Final Thoughts

There's no disputing that social networks present myriad opportunities to asset management firms who are willing to engage.