Considering a change in how you manage your organizations assets is a huge undertaking. It can be time consuming -- and sometimes painful.

Making the right decision is critical.

We’ve been through the process more than a few times and have collected some resources and tools for you to use and share. Whether you're just considering a change or you've already started your search, we can help.

What should you know about outsourced CIO (OCIO)?

  1. The OCIO trend. Why are so many institutions adopting the model? 
  2. 5 Myths about OCIO. We dispel the misconceptions.
  3. Getting to Know the OCIO Model. Key components and benefits that make up the OCIO model.  
  4. OCIOs See Boom in Replacement Search Activity. An uptick in search activity among institutional investors who already work with an OCIO.  

Ready to search for a new provider? 

An often important step in the evaluation process is the RFP. While many RFPs are cumbersome and time consuming to review, we can help make it pain-free.

Tools to run a seamless RFP process

  • RFP Best Practices. If not conducted properly, the RFP process can be long and drawn out. Consider whether you truly need an RFP and how you will use the responses to inform your decision.
  • Build Your Own RFP Tool. Customize your RFP questions by selecting the topics that apply to your organization and you'll receive a custom list of RFP questions via email.
  • Video: How to Run an Effective RFP Process. Moravian College recently went through the RFP process. They share what they've learned. 
  • 10 Questions You Must Ask. Questions you shouldn't skip if you are creating an OCIO RFP. 

Is it time for due diligence?

What are the signs that it's time to re-evaluate your investment management approach?

Evaluation process steps

What model is right for you?

With so many available choices, it's important to understand your options.

Compare your choices

Narrowing your search to a short list of providers

Once you have determined the number of finalists for consideration, your committee should agree on the key points of differentiation that are critical to meet your goals and then schedule the presentations.  Here are some finals presentations best practices.

Ready to Search for a New Provider?

We can help you run a seamless RFP process.

From comparing fees and performance, to running a finals presentation, we've got you covered.

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Awards and Recognition

OCIO Awards

Top OCIO Provider at the Fund Intelligence 2017 and Fund Map 2018 Institutional Asset Management Awards as of November 2018. *Pensions & Investments, July, 2018. SEI ranked as a largest outsourcer based on worldwide institutional outsourced assets under management.

Legal Note

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