Earlier this year, I announced we would be launching a podcast series as an extension of our blog.  Ladies and gentlemen – I bring you Front and Centered IRL (for those old timers like me, that is how the kids refer to “in real life” in 2019).  

I’m excited to bring you these podcasts, because each one will focus on real people, real stories, real discussions of everyday issues in life and work that have something to teach all of us. For five years, I have been asking our community to “join the conversation” – and so many of you have. You’ve commented on the blog, shared on social media, and stopped me in person to discuss a recent post—and I have enjoyed all the conversations that each post facilitated. I think the podcast can take the conversation to a new level and I look forward to strengthening our community as a result. 

If you have a story you want to share on the podcast, don’t be shy – contact me!  Visitors are always welcome!  

I think the podcast can take the conversation to a new level.

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In our first episode: A new program is expanding our concept of employability

In this first episode, I sit down with two of my colleagues who began a grass roots initiative to launch SEI’s Autism @ Work program, simply because of a passion and purpose that spoke to them. Their program is shifting the way we view cultural contributions, talent management and more. Their story inspires me and I hope it inspires all of you.

Thank you for all of your support and enjoy Episode 1: Neurodiversity at SEI – What Being Human Really Means at Work.


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